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Atlas Shrugged Chapter IV Favorite Quotes

She (Dagny) thought suddenly that she was wrong about his lack of emotion: the hidden undertone of his manner was enjoyment. She realized that she had always felt a sense of light-hearted relaxation in his presence and known that he shared it.  He was the only man she knew to whom she could speak without strain or effort. This, she thought, was a mind she respected, an adversary worth matching. Yet there had always been an odd sense of distance between them, the sense of a closed door; there was an impersonal quality in his manner, something within him that could not be reached.

"Hank, this is great."  "Yes."  He said it simply, openly. There was no flattered pleasure in his voice, and no modesty.  This, she knew, was a tribute to her, the rarest one person could pay another: the tribute of feeling free to acknowledge one’s own greatness, knowing that it is understood.

She looked at him in the exact moment when he turned to look at her.  They stood very close to each other.  She saw, in his eyes, the he felt as she did.  If joy is the aim and the core of existence, she thought, and if that which has the power to give one joy is always guarded as one’s deepest secret, then they had seen each other naked in that moment.

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They’re both texting someone right now saying ‘some weird guy next to me is wearing the same thing as me.’
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They’re both texting someone right now saying ‘some weird guy next to me is wearing the same thing as me.’

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You know when an fast angry song comes on that you know every word to comes on and you’re in just the right mood that you’re eyes light up with the fire and angst of a thousand punk rockers and you just feel so alive

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Girl Interrupted (1999)
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Girl Interrupted (1999)

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Love Food? This blog is for you.
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Trixie Tang breaking down the fundamentals of equality and gender roles

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